Vehicle Tinting Films

Here at Window Film Applications we provide an unrivalled service when it comes to tinting your vehicle. Not only do we offer a pristine and thoroughly professional installation, using some of the best quality films on the market, we also collect and deliver your vehicle at no extra cost.

Getting your vehicle windows tinted will definitely add a touch of definition, or if our client prefers, pure privacy. We offer different products and services, so each client is individually catered for.

Each installation begins with a one to one consultation to establish the customer’s needs and wants, this will lead to an appropriate suggestion and price from one of our team, whilst adhering to current Government regulations.

Whatever level of tint you choose, from 0 – 100%, you will receive the following benefits.


Window films come in an extremely wide and varied range, however we have listed 4 of the most common tints below and some of their features.

  • Extra Light tint - 50%
    For that 2-light, subtle look.
    Allows 50% of light to pass through film.
    Once fitted you can see through the vehicle creating a subtle classy look.

    Light tint - 35%

    For a subtle look.

      • Allows 35% of light to pass through.
      • Once fitted you can still 'just' see through the vehicle creating a subtle classy look.

    Dark tint - 20%

    The best option for most vehicles. You can just about see silhouettes through the film and doesn't give too much of a contrast against the 'clear' front doors.

      • Allows 20% of light to pass through.
      • Improved viewing for TV/back seat screens.
      • Requested by dealerships for a factory finish to match standard manufactured privacy glass.
  • Limousine black - 5%

    This is an extreme black out tint, recommended for maximum privacy.

      • Allows 5% of light to pass through.
      • Maximum viewing for TV/back seat screens.
      • Used on commercial vehicles (vans & trucks) to stop tool theft, etc.
      • Will reduce your ability to see behind at night and will increase parking difficulty.
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