Safety Films

Each year there are in excess of 35,000 accidents relating to glass within the UK and companies can be held responsible for any accidents that occur in the workplace.  It is a legal requirement that safety glazing must be used where vunerable glass is situated i.e. below 800mm from the floor and in, or adjacent to all doors.

An installation of clear safety film on to the glass is an acceptable method of upgrading your glazing to comply with BS 6206 B.

We also have a range of security films which are tested and certified to EN12600 class 1B1 to help comply with current guidelines for bomb-blast protection.  Multi laminate security film is now widely used by Government agencies as well many commercial organisations to address the real corporate risk of bomb blast, or industrial explosion at, or near, premises.

The safety film works by holding the glass together during breakage and preventing flying fragments from inflicting injury.

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